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London 1840. Liberty's brother is unexpectedly home from India. Within seconds of being re-united, brother and sister are having a very public quarrel at a Whitehall reception. She's never managed to break the news to him that she's set up in business as a private inquiry agent and he's shocked.

But when his old friend from India is found dead in his bath in the City of London, her brother has to accept that Liberty's skills have their uses - as well as their dangers. Liberty must negotiate a maze of political in-fighting and shady financial dealings, involving old friends and enemies and some exotic new ones.

Published in the U.S.A 1 June 2012
Published in the UK by Severn House February 2012
ISBN 978-1780290201

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Price: $28.95


Autumn 1839. London is full of rumours about a chariot with devil-headed footmen who abduct young women. Housemaids' tales, Liberty Lane thinks.

She is occupied with two cases: trying to find a missing girl and keeping watch on a countess who may threaten a royal romance.

The discovery of a corpse in Hyde Park forces her and some very important people to take the devil-heads more seriously. Amos Legge, the most fashionable groom in London, is there to lend a hand, but will her unlikely apprentice Tabby be a help or a hindrance?

Published by Severn House
ISBN 978-1780290201

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Price: $28.95

A note from Caro. I know some of my readers in the United States have been confused and even annoyed about one book with two titles.

The reason is that publishers on either side of the Atlantic seldom seem to agree on titles and want different ones. So here we are.

A Foreign Affair is Death at Dawn in the UK.
A Dangerous Affair is Death of a Dancer
A Family Affair is A Corpse in Shining Armour.

The good news is that the latest, WHEN THE DEVIL DRIVES is the same on both sides.


Publishers Weekly starred review

The impending engagement of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1839 forms the backdrop for Peacock's gripping fourth Liberty Lane mystery … Lane is more than up to the challenge of an intricate puzzle that merges subtle fair-play clues, rich period atmosphere, and fast-moving action.

Library Journal

The intrepid Liberty Lane is not to be missed in her fourth outing. Neither cozy nor too gritty, Peacock's series somehow meshes gumshoe sleuthing with Victorian high society.

Historical Novels Review

The feisty, straight-talking Liberty makes an excellent and immensely likeable heroine … If you are looking for a devious and deeply engrossing mystery set in Victorian London, then this definitely won't disappoint.

Kirkus Reviews

Peacock's fourth is an enjoyable mystery featuring a sprightly heroine.


The latest adventure of the spirited young Victorian investigator, LIBERTY LANE, comes out in the USA in July 2010. In A Family Affair Liberty is hired to try to prevent a scandal in an aristocratic family. The Brinkburn brothers hate each other so bitterly that they fight in public.

Their mother is obsessed by the nightmare of something that happened to her on her honeymoon twenty three years ago. To make matters worse, the young Brinkburn men and their set are playing at being Medieval knights and practising for a tournament. The opportunities for fatal accidents are all around.

In the old stories, fair maidens got rescued by knights in shining armour. In Liberty's world, she's the one who has to do the rescuing.

A Family Affair is published by AVON.
ISBN 978-0-06-144749-5

(A Family Affair was published in the UK in 2009 under the title, A Corpse in Shining Armour.)

Price $13.99


Liberty Lane is trying to make a new life for herself in London in 1838, a few months after the events of the previous book, A Foreign Affair.

Her hard-won stability is threatened by a high-profile murder case. A famous dancer, whose colorful past is more conspicuous than her talent, is poisoned in her dressing room.

Suspicion falls on the most naïve member of the chorus, and one of Liberty’s best friends becomes deeply involved. In spite of the emotional cost to herself, Liberty must follow trails leading to some of the highest and lowest in society to save the girl from the gallows.

A Dangerous Affair was published in the UK last year under the title Death of a Dancer.

USA publication 1/27/2009
Price $13.99


If you would like to read an extract from A Dangerous Affair, please click here.


“This is a terrific page-turner in the tradition of Georgette Heyer … a wonderful evocation of the tawdry, precarious world behind the spectacle of the variety stage.” The Guardian.

“The investigation neatly reveals her (Liberty’s) inquiring mind, generous nature and sense of humour, all of which Peacock uses to good effect in a light-hearted and engaging novel.” Times Literary Supplement


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