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Liberty Lane - Question & Answer


I was born on 21 March 1815, in a private travelling coach just outside Canterbury, Kent. It should have been at home in London but I arrived early. I always was impatient. Father Thomas Jacques Lane, mother Evelina (nee Thornmore). Both parents now deceased. I have a younger brother, Thomas Fraternity Lane, serving with the East India Company.

Private Intelligencer. I try to solve peopleís problems.

For a fee?
Yes, unless the person is wronged and poor. I have to eat.

Anybodyís problems?
No. If I disapprove of my client, I can always fall back on my other profession as a music teacher.

How did you come into such a strange profession?
Chance. Necessity. Curiosity. A certain young politician was involved as well.


Where do you live?
Abel Yard, off Adamís Mews, Mayfair, London. First door on the right after the carriage repairerís works.

Marital status?
Single. But not for want of trying by my match-making friends.

Describe your appearance.
I am five foot six in height and weigh eight and a half stone. My hair is dark brown, inclined to be crinkly and hard to keep pinned up under a bonnet. Eyes hazel.

Best feature?
Oh dear. I suppose I quite like my feet. Theyíre long, but quite slim with high arches. What a pity there are not many chances to go barefoot in company.

And worst?
I love the sun, but if Iím not careful Ė and often Iím not Ė my face and hands turn brown as a haymakerís.

Favourite colour?
Blue, green or any of the shades in between. Sea colours.

Favourite food?
Those spicy little strawberries that grow on south facing slopes in the Alps. Thatís in my dreams. In London, roasted chestnuts on a winter day.

When and where do you feel happiest?
Riding my beautiful bay mare Esperance (Rancie), racing my good friend Amos Legge.

What makes you angry?
People who try to bully me. Cruelty to animals.

What would improve your life?
The gift of patience. And I should love to see my brother again, but India is so far away.

How do you see your future?


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