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The latest Liberty Lane adventure

July 1840. Jack Picton is likely to be hanged, and most people think he deserves it. He's a rebel, an arsonist, a neglectful son. The question of whether he really did bludgeon a governess to death with a lump of iron is almost beside the point.

Even private investigator Liberty Lane - who usually goes out of her way to help the under-dog - is reluctant to take up his case. But she has her own reasons for wanting to get out of London. The spa town of Cheltenham, with its respectable invalids and raffish racing men, is a change of scene at least. But it holds secrets as dark as any city back street, including the story of a girl whose doomed day at the races affected many lives.

Published by Severn House in the UK, 31 January 2013.
ISBN 9781780290416 - 19.99
In the USA 1 May 2013.
ISBN 9781780290416 - $28.95

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London 1840. Liberty's brother is unexpectedly home from India. Within seconds of being re-united, brother and sister are having a very public quarrel at a Whitehall reception. She's never managed to break the news to him that she's set up in business as a private inquiry agent and he's shocked.

But when his old friend from India is found dead in his bath in the City of London, her brother has to accept that Liberty's skills have their uses - as well as their dangers. Liberty must negotiate a maze of political in-fighting and shady financial dealings, involving old friends and enemies and some exotic new ones.

Published in the UK by Severn House February 2012
Published in the U.S.A 1 June 2012
ISBN: 978-1780290201

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Autumn 1839. London is full of rumours about a chariot with devil-headed footmen who abduct young women. Housemaids' tales, Liberty Lane thinks.

She is occupied with two cases: trying to find a missing girl and keeping watch on a countess who may threaten a royal romance.

The discovery of a corpse in Hyde Park forces her and some very important people to take the devil-heads more seriously. Amos Legge, the most fashionable groom in London, is there to lend a hand, but will her unlikely apprentice Tabby be a help or a hindrance?

Published in the UK by Severn House 28 July 2011.
ISBN: 978-1780290119

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Summer 1839 The latest craze among young aristocrats is jousting in the medieval style. It becomes seriously violent when two brothers battle over the right to a title. Liberty is called in as scandal turns deadly.

Published HarperCollins June 2009.
ISBN: 978 0 00 7244249




When two dancers, Columbine, the star, and Jenny from the chorus, come to blows on stage, it's the sensation of the season. But soon Columbine is dead from poison and Liberty is trying to save Jenny from the hangman.

Published HarperCollins July 2008.
ISBN: 978 0 00 724421 8
Paperback publication: Death of a Dancer is published in the USA
by AVON under the title A DANGEROUS AFFAIR.




Liberty Lane's debut in the summer of 1837. Liberty's father is dead. She's been told he died in a duel, but knows it's a black lie. Her determination to prove it takes her to the heart of events that could shake the throne of young Queen Victoria.

Death at Dawn published by HarperCollins 2007
ISBN: 978 0 06 144589 7

Published in the USA by AVON under the title


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