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Also Known As Gillian Linscott

Caro Peacock has another identitity. As GILLIAN LINSCOTT she is the author of the award winning series about the suffragette detective NELL BRAY.

The Nell Bray Books: Sister Beneath the Sheet (Scribners 1991)
Hanging on the Wire (Little Brown 1992)
Stage Fright (Little Brown 1993)
Widow's Peak (Little Brown 1994)
Crown Witness (Little Brown 1995)
Dead Man's Music (Little Brown 1996)
Dance on Blood (Virago 1998)
Absent Friends (Virago 1999)
The Perfect Daughter (Virago, 2000)
Dead Man Riding (Virago, 2002)
Blood on the Wood (Virago, 2003)

Some of the Nell Bray books are now available as eBooks. Further details of all the books are available on:

Also by Gillian Linscott: The Garden (Allison and Busby, 2002)

The Garden is now available as an eBook, published by Endeavour Press and available via Amazon

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