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Welcome to the Caro Peacock Website

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the Victorian age.

Perhaps it came from having a great uncle who was among the crowds at Queen Victoria’s funeral and lived long enough to tell his great niece about it when she was hardly old enough to read books, let alone write them.

It’s such a fascinating stretch of time, beginning when people still remembered the fear of being invaded by Napoleon and took sides over the French revolution, ending with motor cars, experiments with powered flight and so many things that are part of our lives today.

I decided that I wanted to explore this time in fiction from the very start of it, so I created Liberty Lane, a young woman of independent views whose adventures (in Death at Dawn) begin precisely at the time when the young Victoria comes to the throne.

Liberty has become very real to me. In the Liberty Lane section of this site, I’ve interviewed her in a question and answer session that I hope will tell the reader a little more about her.


As for me, I was born in Yorkshire and now live in the beautiful county of Herefordshire. I’ve been a writer all my life and worked at a lot of other things as well: including journalism, tour guiding and gardening. I share Liberty’s love of horses, mountains and travel.

“Liberty Lane displays … beauty, bravery and a stubborn tendency to ignore the rules.”
The Times.

“A plucky protagonist who refuses to back down as an increasingly murky plot surfaces”.
The Observer.

“Liberty Lane is a splendid heroine: spirited, principled and passionate”.
Easy Living.

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